Latex Mattress

Most like sprung mattresses

The Latex mattresses are low-risk pressure mattresses but provide unique bounce-back support which makes it easy for transfers.
Suitable on any base platform.

Latex Mattress

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LONG SINGLE Code: ICEFLS Mattress Size: 2030 x 900


KING SINGLE Code: ICEFKS Mattress Size: 2030 x 1070


LONG DOUBLE Code: ICEFLD Mattress Size: 2030 x 1350


QUEEN Code: ICEFQ Mattress Size: 2030 x 1520


SPLIT QUEEN Code: ICEFSQ Mattress Size: 2030 x 760 (Per side)

18cm Mattress Depth

Recommended User Weight 45kg ~ 220kg

Natural Latex

Quilted Ultra Soft Cover

5 Year Warranty

Latex is a completely natural product and provides a firm supportive surface. It offers easy turn, and a bounce back feel.

Peak Pressure: 40.5 mmHg Support Area: 3276 cm2

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