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    Partner Configurations

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    Icare partner beds make it easy to include a clients partner in the set-up. Choose which side each user sleeps on, which model they need and Icare makes the beds fit together.
    Download a Icare Partner Beds – Script Form here.

    Compare Mattresses

    • Trials available in New Zealand.
    • Our network of distributors are willing to help with questions from clients or professionals.
    • Low maintainence, easy care and robust products.
    • Home is so much more comfortable when there is aids to assist with daily living.
    • Would you like training or help with product choice - please let us know.

    Icare Medical Group New Zealand


    Made in New Zealand
    Parts stocked in New Zealand
    Government Funding Accepted


    No Springs

    Icare mattresses don’t have any springs which makes them suitable for any profiling or static mattress platforms. We have found springs cause problems over time particularly on medical beds. And of course, springs don’t have a good pressure care track record.

    Mattress Covers

    The Bluetec cooling fabric. This is all way stretch fabric to conform with body and mattress contour. it is under woven with a cooling yarn to regulate body temperature.

    Zerotec fabric is medical barrier fabric that's has high elasticity. It is waterproof and wipeable but has microporous breathable properties. This cover has welded seams and waterfall flaps for fluid control.

    Pressure Redistribution

    ActiveX™ Material is always adapting to allow blood to circulate freely and to minimise pressure on areas of risk. It responds to pressure and temperature.

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