Over Bed Tables

Seating Systems

Comfortable and practical rise and recline chairs.

Patient Handling

Floor standing PowerHoists and range of slings to assist with patient handling.

Homecare Beds

Homecare beds, the complete range for comfort at home.

Icare Mattresses

Icare Mattresses on one page, IC15 Firm ActiveX™ Mattress, IC20 Medium ActiveX™ Mattress, IC25 Soft ActiveX™ Mattress, M1 Bariatric Mattress, M2 Medical Mattress, M3 Comfort Medical Mattress

Hospital Bed Accessories

Hospital Bed Accessories are Easier access in, out and around the bed with accessories.

Companion Bases

Full range of solutions for couples

Pressure Care Overlays

For placement on existing mattresses.


Range of pillows for neck and shoulder support. READ MORE: Why are Icare Pillows different?


Sleep, sit, lie in a position most comfortable.

Cooling Solutions

Managing heat sensitivity more effectively.


Full range of protective bedding and clothing.

Bedding and Sheet Sets

Bedding Sets for Adjustable Beds

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